Elona Mochii Rattan Bag

IDR 1,580,000.00 IDR 1,343,000.00 SALE
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Elona Mochii Rattan Bag 20 20
Elona Mochii Rattan Bag is coming to your beauty list!

Precious gift for yourself, mom, sister, best friend filled with best hair styling tools and treatments from Elona.

This rattan bag consist of:
Elona Mochii (IDR 580.000)
Elona Gummi (IDR 580.000)
Elona Gemme (IDR 220.000)
Elona Mielle (IDR 120.000)
Elona Locoo Mocoo (IDR 80.000)
Rattan Bag (Free)
Personalized Card (Free)

IDR 1.343.000
(15 percent OFF from normal price IDR 1.580.000)

Go get yours now!
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